Fred The Vampire Accountant is a fantastic read

I was first introduced to the genre of horror comedy with the Bill the Vampire series by Rick Gualtieri. Bill the Vampire is the story of a video game playing nerd turned vampire who ends up being a video game playing nerd vampire rather than the suave sexy vampire of lore. The first few books made me laugh more than any book I probably ever read and I definitely recommend that series. However, little by little as the stakes got higher I found that it lost its comedic touches and never reached the heights of the first 2 or 3 books.

Fred The Vampire Accountant falls into the same genre. The series as a whole is better than the Bill the Vampire series. The world building is fantastic and I loved learning of the different species and interactions between them with dragons, demons, therians, fey and more. The humor is genuinely witty and never feels forced and over-the-top.

Ultimately the series is an ode to friendship, the family you chose, and the power of good intentions. I loved seeing Fred build his clan little by little. The interactions between the clan members are heartfelt and touching. They always have each other’s back and their relationship shines as a beacon of what people can accomplish when they overcome differences in backgrounds and race.

If you are into fantasy, the series is well worth reading!