New York is now complete!

I have always had one favorite restaurant: La Petite Maison in Nice. I have always loved Mediterranean food and been amazed how very simple dishes with great ingredients served tapas style can be extraordinarily good. Even the tomatoes and lemon they leave on the table before the meal are succulent!

I am happy to report that La Petite Maison just opened in New York! The setting is not nearly as cute as in the one in Nice, it is awkwardly located (54th between 5th and 6th), you can’t go for a walk in the Cours Saleya or the Promenade des Anglais after the meal and the scene is very French, but those quibbles aside, the food was so good I felt nostalgic for Nice!

You just have to try the artichoke heart salad with olive oil and parmesan, the truffle macaroni, the Nicoise onion tart and the grilled sea bass!

  • There are a good number of ‘small plate’ places in new york these days which is a great thing. It is hard to replicate exactly those regional spots though as they take advantage of incredible local ingredients in many cases.

    I’m sure you’ve been to some of these but try Tia Pol, Bocaria, Degustation, and pata negra.